Reveal Day---8th Bead Soup Blog Party

Saturday, May 10, 2014

First of all.....thanks to Lori Anderson of Pretty Things for hosting another Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP).  She's been under the weather, to put in mildly and trying to keep us all organized and bead-happy.

Second of all....thanks to Kay Mallery, my BSBP partner, for sending me a lot of awesomeness.


That's only part of the awesomeness that Kay sent to me.  

Third of all.....this has gotten me back to my jewelry.  I had left it for quite awhile, totally unmotivated to create anything.  

And's what came from me being motivated again...Enjoy!

The Rhinestone Bow with Rhinestone Dangles
was the perfedt centerpiece

I fell in love with the opaque crystals

The Vintaj etched metal piece was the perfect
backdrop for my cross

The Sardonyx and Rutilated Quartz
said ooh la la to me

Two earring components were added.....
one for interest and one as a connector

Rutilated Quartz looks great
with the Sardonyx

Look at those white pearls and black
onyx together....and they arrived
already on headpins ready to be dangles

If you haven't already been there.....hop on over to Kay's blog at kaymreflections!

Until then.......Happy Bead Soup Blog Hopping!!!
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