My Journey Into Beading

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It came upon me quite by fact, I didn't realize it was even happening. I was getting hooked on beads...anything and everything to do with beads.

Being invited to join in a UFO (unfinished objects) night at her house, my newly acquired friend got her stash of beads out. I sat just watching with fascination. I'd never thought about beads. The next thing I knew I was buying beads, tools....I was like a kid in a candy store! C'├ętait merveilleux! You'll have to pardon my French! (no, I'm no expert at the French language).

I am fascinated with anything French, so you'll have to pardon me if I get side-tracked now and again!

Well, back to my beads. I certainly have so much more to learn but am having such a wonderful time doing it. I've made some wonderful acquaintances along the way and I feel like my life has turned 360 degrees. And the journey is just starting!

I hope you'll join in my journey through my journal, Perles and Life. Until then...HAPPY BEADING!

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