Friday, November 30, 2007

Ignoring my blog is what I've done! How can I expect anyone to read my blog if I'm not updating it on a somewhat regular basis!!! Beading just got in the way, I guess! A family visitor for a month this summer was great fun for the husband and myself...a time to enjoy sites and area activities that are taken for granted.

I've really gotten interested in wire as you may have read in an earlier post. Having a great time with it and hopefully I've gotten some other fellow beaders interested in working with wire, too! I've made lots of bangle bracelets and have arranged for several of them to be on display for sale in a very
prominent shop in the area. Even if nothing is sold, maybe they will remember me and Circle of Beads.
Take a look......

A new acquaintance is a lampworker who loves to experiment with glass and manipulates the glass into some fantastically awesome colors, hues, and tones mostly on the earthy side. We're always talking beads and we have totally different interests when it comes to beads and beading but we connect....I love to make things with beads and she loves making beads. We're a match made in beading heaven!!!!

My personal Circle of Beads continues to grow. As a result of two quilters wanting to get together to quilt for a day, of them looking for a place to quilt, and me offering a perfect environment for that to happen, a Day of Creativity was started and continues to grow. Quilters, beaders, painters all come together to share, to be inspired, and just to enjoy each other. The Day of Creativity continues to grow and I am so fortunate to get to meet new people and have the opportunity to get to know them.

The Bead Expo is coming to our area early next year and am happy a small group of us are going together. We're already planning to take classes, shop, and enjoy being around other beaders.

Please check out my etsy shop:
circleofbeads and let me know what you think. There are a lot of talented people on etsy and it's worth the time.

Mmmh, I bet Paris is beautiful at this time of year!

Until then.....HAPPY BEADING!

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