A Good Thing--Journaling

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For the past couple of years I have been fascinated with the aspect of journaling....I'm not sure why as I'm not a great writer or communicator for that matter. 

I've read several excerpts of journals that people have shared in magazines and on-line articles....some very visual using paper, paint, and images.  I like to write but I'm not a writer.  I'm not artistic in the sense of drawing or painting. 

My contemplating over starting a journal came to an end when a friend of mine was featured in a local paper about her travel journal.  Her journal was descriptive in two ways....through her writing and through her drawings.  We talked about journaling and she wanted to start another journal on a specific topic.  I expressed my desire to start but how I'd never done anything about that desire.  It didn't take her long to present me with a beautiful book for me to use to start my journaling. 

This journal has Kitty written all over it.....
.....Very French! 

I've started my journaling....given it a name, a purpose, and decided that pictures, paper, stickers and glue will give me the visual interest I'd like to add!! 

But most importantly, it will offer me an outlet to express myself and give that feel-good emotion inside and out!

Until then......Happy Beading, Journaling, and whatever makes you smile!



Patti said...

Love your blog. Love your background. Love your work and I am a follower now :)

Salzanos said...

I love journaling! Been doing it since 1984! It is what I shall hand down to my kids when I die. A life story to go with all those photos. ;-)

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