Dream Assistant

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Knowing myself as well as I do, I finally admitted to myself that I needed in relationship to my "props" when attempting to photograph my jewelry.

Well, meet Margot, my Mannequin Assistant.  Isn't she a dream!  So French!  She came to me by way of Selina Beads 'n Bits.  Now i'm not saying she's going to solve all my photography issues but Margot is a good start!  I will continue to experiment with different staging mediums in order to present my jewelry in the very best way.

That little tin at Margot's base is the unique work of Patti at Altered State of Tin.

Until then.......Happy Beading!


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Copper Diem said...

found you thru bead soup. love the display. i just got a larger display for long necklaces, it really makes a difference doesn't it. Thanks for the shop link, she has lots of cute displays!!

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