Jewelry Affaire Magazine, Autumn 2012 and Winter 2013......REALLY???

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Once again, I was thrilled  
(I just can't come up with another word....
anyone have a suggestion?) to be published in  the Autumn 2012 and Winter 2013 Jewelry Affaire magazines.

I wonder what their process is for selecting jewelry pieces for publication. 
I can't imagine it being an easy task. 

If you are so inclined, purchase  a copy of Jewelry Affaire magazine and become inspired by creative artists such as Kathy Menasco, and her Tattered Dream Cuffs (Winter 2013 issue);  Brooke VanDerzee,and her very French necklace "Magestically" (Autumn 2012); and Tina Shiefer,  and her Vintage Drift necklace (Winter 2013).

Until then......Happy Creating!!!

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ferrytales said...

Kitty, what totally awesome news for you! Congratulations... AGAIN!

Erika said...

Great work Kitty! You have some really beautiful pieces

Kathy jo said...

Thank you Kitty for the post, so happy you
like the Tattered dream cuffs and they have
inspired you !!! Cheers to a creative 2013!!

Kathy jo

Tina Schiefer said...

Hi Kitty...THANK YOU SO MUCH for the kind words and linking to my blog...This is TRULY an exciting time for so many of us artists...CHEERS to 2013...and beyond!

Erika said...

I have been meaning to write to congratulate you!! And your work was so lovely in these gorgeous magazines! you are so famous!
what are you creating now? Or should I say which magazine will you be in next?? ;)

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