Fabric and Lace and Ribbon, OH MY!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Working with fabric, lace and ribbon, let alone using a sewing machine, has never really been on my radar.....but recently, I have become fascinated with fabric and journals.  I've also been incorporating more fibers into my jewelry.

This fascination started with Deryn Mentock's online course, Artisan's Day Journal. Sewing fabric on paper, I found, was really fun.  It didn't have to be perfect!

I now have a sewing machine and have been slowly accumulating fabrics, laces, ribbons, and trims.  I never knew it could be so much fun looking at a kid, my mom dragged me through fabric departments all the time and I was always happy when we moved on to the toy department!!!

An on-line workshop, Fabric and Lace Composition Journal, instructed by Gail Schmidt from Creative Workshops has now sparked further fabric and lace fascination!

Learning to print on fabric with your printer and.....techniques for giving fabrics and lace a vintage look were just a few of the techniques from this workshop. Gail's videos are very clear and informative! It's been great fun creating this journal and I've started a second one.  If you have the chance, check out this workshop. You won't be disappointed. 

Altering clipboards has also become an interest of mine.....and given me an outlet to use not only my acquired fabrics, laces, ribbons, and trims but also paper, stencils, rubber stamps, paints, inks, and bits and pieces of old jewelry that I've been using in my jewelry creations.

Talking about acquiring laces....I purchased a fabulous array of French vintage laces from La ClariĆ©re on Etsy.  

Everything was beautifully presented when I opened my package. I'm looking forward to using these and hopefully visit her shop on our next trip to Paris.

Given the opportunities to learn new techniques and acquire new interests has truly been a blessing that I am ever grateful for.

Until then.....continue to pursue new interests!

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