Museum Debut?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No, my jewelry is not being displayed in a famous museum....but I can dream, can't I. It's my Crystal Viking Knit Weave with a vintage crystal, glass disk made by Alana from Flameboyance Glass and a Thai bead. Swarovski Crystals are added to the Viking Weave. To view some wonderful work from some talented people, please visit Year of Jewelry.

To get your work in a museum go to Dumpr.



Art Museum by


Christina said...

That bracelet is so pretty.

Ms. Russell said...

Wow, Kitty! You've been doing lots of neat stuff lately! Jackie and I have been looking at your Etsy stuff and blog after eating too much for Thanksgiving dinner.

Shayne (Jackie's sister)

Swati Nigam said...

The bracelet is awesome!! And I love it that you have it in a museum! LOL!!! I should go try the museum thing out. You're right, we can dream, right?

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