Why Was It Kept?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Found amongst my mother's things was the February 1966 issue of Woman's Day Magazine. What articles in the magazine prompted my Mother to purchase this magazine for 15 cents? From the cover I think it was An International Collection of New Knitted Sweaters and the Spring Fashions in Knit Fabrics that probably caught her attention as she loved to knit and sew. Of course there's the Pork Cook Book....even that caught my attention.

The Magazine is in relatively good condition for being 43 years old. No ripped, torn or missing pages. Does being 43 years old qualify as being, I'm only talking in terms of the Magazine?

Since finding the Magazine, I've only glanced through it briefly. I thought, if you're interested, we could spend some time looking through the Magazine and reading the articles, check out the recipes, read a story, and look at those ads. Sure, things have changed since this Magazine was published but maybe we'll also find things that really haven't changed that much. So, I'll be perusing the Magazine and we'll look inside in future posts.


Swati Nigam said...

That must be so cool! I wish I had a magazine older than me too! Do you see the jewelry style in it? How different is it from now?

From the said...

I plan on taking different parts of the magazine and doing a post on them in the future. Could be there will be some jewelry!

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