Re-Inventing Myself

Monday, January 17, 2011

In November, 2010, I decided that I needed to do something different in relationship to my jewelry.  My work has evolved, trying different methods and mediums.  Taking workshops has helped build my techniques and skills.  It has also shown me what I do and do not enjoy doing...and given me an appreciation of the work that goes into a creative process.

From my "Oui" Series

My interest lies in working with metal, wire, vintage elements, and cold connections.  I enjoy working with all kinds of beads and incorporating them in my designs.  My thoughts went to my etsy shop and how I had ignored it for so long.  With a new determination, I decided to re-invent myself by giving my business a new name and become focused on creating a style of jewelry using the methods and mediums that I enjoy the most. I do not want to limit myself and know that I will continue to grow and learn while still
maintaining a "style"!  

Thus, Suite7 Bijoux Designs was born.  It has a French theme which some of my pieces reflect.  It was definitely time for a makeover.  Many jewelry artists have a definite style to their creations that with one look at a piece of jewelry you know who the artist is...designers such as Stephanie Lee, Susan Lenart Kazmer, Ruth Rae, and Denise Yezbak Moore.  They are and will continue to be an inspiration to me.

Until then........Happy Beading!

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Patti said...

Beautiful Kitty
Your fresh look (even though I did not know your old look) is wonderful !!!

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