Should You take it for a Test Drive?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can you really be sure that your jewelry is really going to look and feel the way you think it should look and feel when someone's purchased it and actually wearing it out in the real world?

I mean, really, do yo think those pearls are going to actually hang down her back all evening without wanting to......slip off her shoulder, hang down in the front?

Some of  what-I-think-are-great-ideas for jewelry turn out to be "what was I thinking?"

I could let Margot wear them for a bit....and don't get me wrong, she's my Dream Assistant, but she's got her limitations!!!!

So, with all that said.....I take my jewelry for a test drive by actually wearing it (and I could also be secretly looking for compliments).  On many occasions after wearing my jewelry, I have to go back to the drawing board so that the "what was I thinking" can turn into "that's more like it"!

I think it's a good idea and it's always worked for me!  I want someone who wears my jewelry to really enjoy wearing it....they won't if it hangs lopsided, or an edge is too sharp, or basically doesn't look as good wearing it as it did on the bead board (if you use one....maybe that's my problem!)

I want to thank my Dream Assistant, Margot, for her always excellent assistance and my "pearl" model for her patience and her ability to be absolutely still during the shoot.

Until then.............Happy Beading! (and test-driving)
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Dee said...

I've done the same thing with certain pieces, especially if there's something questionable, like weight, a pendant and how it falls and will it sit that way all day and, etc. It's only when I've gone out on a limb that I have to test drive just to be certain for the exact reasons you mention in your post.

ferrytales said...

Sage advice! "Test driving" a creation is a great way to get feedback and check the way a creation "wears".

Bobbie said...

You're absolutely right! And it helps to be able to say to a customer, who might be worried about some aspect of the piece, "I was concerned about that, too, but I wore it for a day, and it lies evenly enough to distribute the weight very comfortably" or something...

Georgene Lockwood said...

I totally agree. Sometimes I find after wearing it just doesn't look that great, needs something, doesn't hang right, tends to catch on things or simply doesn't feel quite right on. It's called "beta testing!" Or R&D .

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