What do you Wear? Is Anyone Looking?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Do you participate in shows, events or fairs to sell your jewelry or other related items?  If so, do you think about what you're going to wear, what image you want to portray, or just really never thought about it?  I'm one of those people who kinda hopes that someone pays to attention to what I'm wearing when I'm out there trying to promote myself and my jewelry.  What do my clothes say about me?  I hope it says that I'm a fun gal that does FABULOUS jewelry.  This is a time when I can go outside of the day-job-fashion-attire box.

So, I'm thinking about what I want to wear for several of the upcoming Pomegranate French Flea Market events that I will be participatnig in this summer in Bend Oregon .  One evening while in Etsy I saw what I thought was a really kewl skirt.....after that first thought, I then immediately went to the next thought of "you're too old to wear something like that....what ARE you thinking?  The second thought didn't last too long as I went to CreoleSha and browsed through the shop.  I found the top of one dress that I liked and thought that I'd like that attached to the kewl skirt that I first saw.  Thus a dress was born just for me. 

Yep, this could really be outside the box for a few of you but it was love at first sight for me.  Throw on a pair of capri tights and it's an outfit....well, almost. 

Now I've got the bright idea that I want to wear cowgirl boots with this dress.  I have a good friend (who is an excellent second-hand store shopper) on the prowl for some used cowgirl boots.  Do you think she'll be successful in making this outfit what I envisioned it to be? 
Well, whether you like my funky dress or not, maybe you'll think about what YOU'LL be wearing at your next jewelry show event.  After kinda is about the GLAM of it all!

Until then.............Happy Beading!
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wendy firmin said...

:) thanks for sharing this! i loved creating it for you

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