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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OK, I was feeling a little guilty about Margot not only having to fill the role as my Dream Assistant but not having a friend!  Displaying jewelry, travelling to shows, always having to look your best is a big responsibility.  Sometimes you just need someone you can lean on a little bit........

When I spotted Babette (she's on the left), I knew she'd be the perfect friend for Margot!!   I was a little nervous when I introduced her to Margot but they hit it off immediately!  Now Margot doesn't have to travel to shows or be on display by herself. 

They're both the perfect props for my jewelry and find that they both add interest to my display table at shows.

It was a match made in mannequin heaven!

post signature   Until then..................Happy Beading!

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pchickki said...

Kitty this post made me smile. I love Margot and Babette and I am sure they will get along and do a good job for you just fine :)
You are too cute !!

Our team is thinking of coming up to Florence at the end of June. I will let you know dates for sure but we want to meet with you and a couple of other team members up in that area.
Big Hugs

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