I'M SO EXCITED!!!! It's Jewelry Affaire Magazine

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What am I so excited about???? 

The new issue of Jewelry Affaire magazine is out and my submission, Jazzymyn's Secret was selected for publication!  When I received an e-mail from Managing Editor, Beth Livesay that my necklace had been chosen, I wanted to jump up and down but I also had a feeling of accomplishment....that a goal had been attained.  Seeing your work and name in print in a premiere magazine was definitely an exciting event for me.  But don't get me wrong....I still have more goals to accomplish. 

For those of us that create jewelry (and there's so many mediums), any goal you set for yourself will help you grow and keep your creative spirit exciting!

Until then..........Happy Beading!

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moonlitfantaseas said...

congratulations Kitty! I'm so happy for you. Its quite an accomplishment.

Leigh said...

Many congratulations!!!!! I have the magazine on my night table and I am looking forward to seeing your work up close!

Anonymous said...

so Awesome! I just wish I could stay focused enough to meet the submission deadlines!

Beth said...

So glad to have you Kitty! Im liking all the jewels you are sending in!

ferrytales said...

How very exciting for you, Kitty! Can't wait to get the magazine and check out the eye candy!

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