Altered Books.....Can I Do It?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Do I really need to get involved with another medium?  Come on, I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with what I'm doing now.  So even though my inner voice was telling me, don't go there, my brain decided that I should sign up for an Altered Book workshop at my local scrapbooking shop, Rosie's Art Carnival.  

So then I went in search of an old book....should it be a really good old book or an old book that had seen better days?  Off to St. Vincent DePaul's in search of a book.  I think I found a couple of real treasures..........look at these books?  Do I really want to cut up A Sherburne Inheritance or The Hilltop Girl.  These are covers that you don't see too much of these days.  I know I definitely wouldn't consider cutting up French Lyrics of the Nineteenth Century.  I'll admit, I probably won't read them and unless I become fluent in French I won't be able to read French Lyrics.  I have one more back-up book just in case I can't take the knife to one of these.

This book was just too good to pass up....who knows when I'm going to have to look up a French word....although I'm sure there a lot of new French words since this book was published.  I thought it would be great as a back-drop for some of my jewelry photos.

I'm off to the beach to take on a new interest....maybe I'll have something to show and tell when I return.

Until then...........Happy Beading!

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Leslie Gidden said...

Can you do it? Yes you can!!!!!

ferrytales said...

You will love playing is this medium. It is so much fun!

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