Making it Special....It's in the Packaging

Monday, March 14, 2011

When I opened my Etsy shop, Suite7 Bijoux Designs I hadn't really given too much thought as to how I was going package someone's purchase of my I the only one that didn't think about that?  And maybe I should also include that occasional do you present those goodies?

I thought about it when I received an etsy purchase from Patti at Altered State of Tin and it was wrapped in beautiful paper with ribbon.  Patti was definitely thinking about it.  I purchased a custom altered tin from ferrytalesgifts and it was in a collaged box...just as kewl as the altered tin.

That gal was thinking!!!!
This is how I packaged a purchase when I shipped it off to the buyer.  It's not elaborate but it's a start and I've discovered RUBBER STAMPS.  I'm having fun making the tags and it makes it special when the package arrives.

This is a tag that I made this weekend when I was with friend of mine and we decided to have some creativity fun together.  We used rubber stamps with clear embossing ink, Stasz On Ink, pigment paint, glue, distress ink stamp pads, stickers, and buttons

It seems like one fun thing leads to another!!!
Until then...........Happy Beading!!!!
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Salzanos said...

I so agree! Packaging is very important! I love to decorate as much as I can for each customer. Love the pictures of the item from ALtered state of tin. We have some of her tins too. Lovely artist and awesome products. Your jewelry is so beautiful too, love your wrappings!!

pchickki said...

Oh thanks for the plug.
I think packaging is very important.
Sort of a first impression.
I love your blog !
Hope you are well

ferrytales said...

I enjoy making the packaging almost as much as I enjoy making the stuff I sell! Love your tags!

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